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Cloaked Collection by Cathryn Shilling

12th May 2016

Cloaked Collection by Cathryn Shilling
As one of the most prominent glass artists working in the UK, Cathryn Shilling particularly excels with kiln formed glass, constantly challenging what is possible but also our perceptions of this essentially static material.

It is this final static state which creates the fascination with her signature woven pieces, how can glass behave like and resemble the folds of fabric? Shilling's tireless process of fusing and slumping layers of fine canes of glass, creates this beguiling illusion.

With the Cloaked Collection, Shilling asks so much more of her glass. Blown forms are wrapped in her glass fabric. Through heating and manipulation this 'fabric' is made to follow the contours of the figure below. Clothing each one in its own unique glass cloak.

The end results are the embodiment of drama, which is enhanced in their titles, all mythical Greek tragic figures, the stars of extraordinary legends.

These theatrical art works are equally thrilling to watch being made, you can view the action below in this striking film by Anthony Scala.

All works for sale can be viewed here - Cloaked Collection

Odysseus & Calypso

Agamemnon & Penelope