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Pin bowl by Tavs Jørgensen

16th July 2014

Pin bowl by Tavs Jørgensen
For many years these bowls remained an illusive conceptual project for Tavs Jørgensen. Having finally perfected his ‘Reconfigurable Pin Tooling’ technique, there is now a striking finished item. Employing such an extreme working method, the glass is manipulated with exacting precision. The end result is a highly contrasted object from the soft, flowing internal surface to the peaked exterior, on which these perch, elegantly raising upwards.

Small 52cm diameter £600, Large 60cm diameter £750
Available in smoke and bronze colour glass.

‘Reconfigurable Pin Tooling’ technique.

About the artist;

Tavs Jørgensen initially trained as a craft potter in his native Denmark. He went onto study 3D Ceramic Design at Cardiff Institute and following his graduation in 1995 he established his own ceramic design consultancy, working for a number of international tableware companies.

In 2005 he was appointed permanent research fellow at the Autonomatic Research Group, University College Falmouth, and since then his practice has been predominately focused on research – in particular investigating how new models of design practice can be developed on the basis of new technology tools. In this research he has explored also how new computer interfaces can facilitate more personal and expressive aesthetics in the artefacts created via digital fabrication tools.

He still maintains an active creative practice and his work is regularly featured in national and international exhibitions. Jørgensen is a regular visiting tutor on the Ceramic and Glass course at the RCA and also a guest lecturer at numerous international universities and colleges.