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OverNight by Odd Matter launch during LDF 2013

12th July 2014

OverNight by Odd Matter launch during LDF 2013
OverNight by Odd Matter
14th September – 20th October 2013

Vessel Gallery is proud to present during the London Design Festival 2013 a new spectacular lighting collection by studio Odd Matter.

Taking traditional copper plating techniques as their catalyst; sumptuous stained glass panels in rich shades of ruby, amber and mother of pearl are held in place by cello tape with painted copper ‘seams’ which are immersed over night in an electro-plating bath. It is during these twilight hours that these pieces literally grow as the strips act as a starting point for more copper to form, bonding all the edges together to make a perfect, tight fitting frame which holds the piece as one. This magical process also changes the copper’s appearance to that of one with a highly unpredictable nature, smooth flat lines are transformed to have an effervescent and lustrous surface decoration. By coaxing and exploiting this technique, laborious and seemingly primitive styles of making such as soldering can be avoided. From an initial ordered structure based on the crystalline formation of the actual copper solution used, these pieces take on a life of their own resulting in no two pieces ever being the same.

Exhibition Catalogue

Single pendants, various sizes 280 to 600mm long

Floor lamp (in front) and double pendant, 300x300x700mm

Please contact us to receive catalogue of complete collection and to discuss possibilities for bespoke commissions:

About Odd Matter

Odd Matter is a design studio driven by material exploration and concept. By working with existing processes but focussing on unseen, unknown or unwanted elements the aim is to create a different kind of product, unique and specific to the place they originate from.
Odd Matter consists of Dutch native Els Woldhek and Bulgarian Georgi Manassiev. They are currently living and working in London having met whilst undertaking their MA studies in the Design Products department at The Royal College of Art. Their common interests in the borders of creation, process and material has put them on a shared path. One that seeks to create products more true and telling of their creativity and ‘will’.

Table lamp, 360x340x480mm

Floor lamp, 450x360x1800 mm

 #LDF window installation of cluster of pendants