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Quand la Reine Part




H 66 cm W 56 cm D 12 cm


Cast Glass




‘Quand la Reine Part' is a unique glass sculpture by the French artist, Lise Gonthier.

In her own words:

‘They are works of art. Tapestries of light. Linked colours. Where composition and mastery of technique achieve an osmose between the theme and the approach. Perpetual research into a sensation of light in the matter and its visual ability to create a real and poetic story. The main purpose of my work is to establish a relationship between the poetry and sensuality of the medium, glass, through which I work.’

Gonthier discovered glass blowing in the Czech Republic after her studies in painting at the ’Beaux-Arts‘ in Besançon. She was trained at Cerfav (European center of research and studies for glass art). Following courses in France and in Europe, Gonthier went on to open her studio in Beaucaire in the South of France.

Lise Gonthier

Quand la Reine Part