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Stratum VI by Alicja Patanowska



Stratum VI by Alicja Patanowska




H 20 cm W 28 cm D 28 cm


Glass and porcelain


£ 1250


2015 Glass Biennale
Craft&design magazine Highly Commended

The Stratum Collection is a project where Patanowska has combined different media whilst exploring the dialogue created by two craft skills, in this case, glass blowing and throwing on the wheel.

Both materials are soft and malleable when being worked, yet one through heat and melting, the other through water and being kept pliable. Once cooled and fired they take on their unique characteristics.

Sitting aloft the clear glass, the porcelain form swirls invitingly downwards into the internal space below. This inward protrusion can also tantalizingly be viewed through the glass, taking on a different form through from this altered perspective.

With different shrinkages for either material, this seemingly effortless marriage of materials is a tricky combination to achieve.

Stratum VI by Alicja Patanowska