Elliot Walker

Irradiant Bloom III



Irradiant Bloom III


H 80 cm W 54 cm D 9 cm


Iridescent & black glass


£ 9500


The bisected black vase is bonded to the back plate with the various flowers and foliage attached via hidden magnets behind the back sheet of glass, allowing them to be removed for cleaning and transportation. All adornments are sculpted directly from molten glass resulting in every element being unique.

Combining exceptional glass making skills with a novelist’s ability for storytelling, Walker literally sculpts his glass, creating artworks that are the essence of curiosity, inviting the viewer closer.

His Still Life compositions have the poise of classical paintings. Symbols of domestic life are carefully balanced with the transient. Walker can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Elliot Walker

Irradiant Bloom III