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Bowl with Frog




H 6.5 cm W 21 cm D 21 cm


Porcelain with Gold lustre


£ 1450


As with her Nymphenburg Sketches Collection, Jongerius' Animal bowls reflect her wealth of knowledge of the artistic history of Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg.

This collection brings shapes, figures and designs from a variety of periods and backgrounds together in a playful and collaged style. From the company’s treasure trove of historical animal forms, around 700 in total, to the various decorative motifs and designs, Jongerius has raided all the Nymphenburg has to offer.

The first five were conceived in 2004 which included a snail, bird, rhinoceros, deer and hare, then in 2012 three new creatures were added, a fox, dog and frog.

Hella Jongerius

Bowl with Frog