W 48 cm


Glass with oak & silver


£ 7750


Lykke from the Glasskibe Collection
(happiness) – a feeling of great joy and satisfaction. In old Norse, 'Lykke' carried a more neutral meaning; closer to 'fate' or 'event'. Old folksongs e.g. mention "the evil 'lykke'"; something you could be allotted instead of "the good 'lykke'" (Valravnen). In the Middle Ages, the course of a life was often seen as a wheel of fortune (a 'lykke'-hjul). Maybe the word 'lykke' was originally connected to the Danish verb 'lukke' (to close); referring to the way things turn out in the end?
The Danish town of Hundested is steeped in maritime history and richly from the Viking Age. It is the majestic imagery of the Viking ships passing that has inspired two of the harbour’s contemporary craft companies; cabinetmakers Egeværk and glass artists Backhaus & Brown. These two award-winning workshops have combined their masterful crafts in an innovative collaboration; namely a series of sculptures named "Glasskibe" – Viking ships in hand blown glass and carved oak.

Backhaus & Brown and Egeværk