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Allister Malcolm

Bubblewrap in Clear


Bubblewrap in Clear




H 33 cm W 30 cm D 17 cm


Blown glass with mirrored interior


£ 2500


Bubblewrap in Clear is a hand-blown and sculpted vase created from clear glass, with a mirrored interior. Playful yet elegant, Malcolm has formed oversized bubbles on the exterior of this handcrafted and blown piece. The title of the artwork shows the artist's sense of fun, however, the use of the mirrored interior, adds glamour and a serious edge to the final artwork.

Pieces from this collection have been purchased by the Imagine Museum, Florida, USA and the Glassmuseum Lette, Germany.

In the artist's own words;

"Diving has become an all encompassing passion of mine. A way of escaping the stresses of everyday life, immersing myself in another world. Fascination came initially watching bubbles released with each breath and their ascent to the surface. This body of work entitled “Bubble-wrap” developed as a result. The pallet used represents colour absorption. Descending deeper red is the first colour to be absorbed followed by orange, yellow etc. As the work developed I realised that to escape blowing bubbles for a living I had chosen to watch them instead. Life for me is all about the bubbles!"

Allister Malcolm

Bubblewrap in Clear