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H 50 cm W 80 cm D 47 cm


Handblown and sculpted glass




The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Glass, concrete and PVC.

Created in 2020 and unveiled by Vessel Gallery at Collect - The International Art Fair for Contemporary Craft and Design - this was the largest and most ambitious still life artwork created by Walker. Instantly becoming a must-see and selling on the 1st day to a private collector. 

Combining exceptional glass making skills with a novelist’s ability for storytelling, Walker literally sculpts his glass, creating artworks that are the essence of curiosity, inviting the viewer closer. 

His 'Still Life' compositions have the poise of classical paintings. Symbols of domestic life are carefully balanced with the transient. Clear glass is given substance and presence yet coaxed to create ghostly counterparts of the real objects that Walker stylishly recreates. The dazzling and hypnotic shimmering PVC simply enhances what is above, a myriad of hues reflect, distort and permeate through this translucent landscape. 

However, these colours, suggestive of life, do not emanate from the rigid and lifeless lobster and corals but are fleeting reflections that trick the viewer. Poignant and timely, this is Walker’s stark warning for the endangered beauty, which for now, can still be found within our seas. 

Elliot Walker