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Simon Moore

Balustrade Chandelier with 12 Arms



Balustrade Chandelier with 12 Arms


H 110 cm W 100 cm D 100 cm


Glass with steel frame




'Balustrade Chandelier with 12 Arms' is a unique lighting piece by the British artist, Simon Moore.

Available with deco or conical cup. Blown glass vases with battuto* surface cutting. 

(*Battuto: This is a type of glass where the surface has a homogeneous set of grindings applied to the surface which can be variable in depth, slightly irregular, created as an imitation of hammered branches)

During his 30+ year career within the world of glass, Simon Moore has built up a reputation for both technical and artistic mastery. His own workshop practice - first begun in 1982 when he joined the highly influential Glasshouse in Covent Garden - remains determined in its marriage of embedded skills and aesthetic subtleties, born of his love of making and expert knowledge of material.

The artist can also create variations to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Simon Moore

Balustrade Chandelier with 12 Arms