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White Crumpled Form No 37




H 40 cm W 25 cm D 25 cm


White St.Thomas clay with stoneware glazes


£ 1640


Arroyave-Portela's creations are all thrown on the wheel using his own unique technique. Pulling up as much clay from the bottom mass as possible, the clay walls of each piece are created thin and even, maximising the artist’s ability to manipulate the form while the material is still soft and malleable. Additional porcelain slips are sometimes applied to create further surface textures and layering. After the first initial bisque firing (1080 degrees) glazes are applied by using various methods such as spraying and pouring, a process often repeated several times after each firing of 1260 degrees. The multi-firing process allows for the build-up of the glaze, creating a rich palette of tones and finishes.

Arroyave-Portela works can be found in various major museums and private collections worldwide including the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford UK), the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge UK), The Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA) to name a few.

Not suitable for holding water.

Nicholas Arroyave-Portela

White Crumpled Form No 37