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Ice Vug in Turquoise II




H 15 cm W 20 cm D 15 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass




'Ice Vug in Turquoise II' is a unique sculpture created by the British artist, Samantha Donaldson.

An ethereal nebulous sculpture with a glacier white exterior and rich turquoise cavernous interior. Taking inspiration from rock formations, geodes and the treasures that can be found deep beneath the surface of the earth, Donaldson creates sublime, stylised representations. Her soft white amorphic forms are enhanced by their contrasting inner splash of colour.

These require intense making from the initial blowing to create the amorphic form, through to the laborious cold work working and cutting, to literally slice a section of the piece away and then polish the revealed surface.

An ongoing collection, Donaldson continues to be influenced by the exploration of the 'vug', which is the internal space within a geode. Her aim is to to draw the viewer into the internal movement of each unique piece.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Samantha Donaldson

Ice Vug in Turquoise II