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Synchronous I




H 32.5 cm W 51 cm D 18 cm


Fused Glass


£ 4250


Kiln formed fused glass with 24 ct gold.

Appearing as if woven from canes of shimmering gold, Synchronous I is an ambitious sculptural work. Initially created from layers of clear glass canes, the final finish of gold, adds a sumptuous appearance. Highlighting every fold of this luxurious 'cloth' the embellishment adds refinement and poise. 

Shilling experiments with layering and fusing glass to produce beautiful one-off sculptures. Her innovative pieces push the material beyond our usual comfort zones. Glass rods are woven together like fabric, mimicking the flexibility and movement of cloth. The apparent frailty of the glass is balanced by the strong dynamic forms and differing levels of light pick out the various strands making up each unique piece. 

Cathryn Shilling

Synchronous I