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Amy Cushing

Paradise 02 in Chartreuse



Paradise 02 in Chartreuse




H 51 cm W 30 cm D 27 cm


Handblown and fused glass




'Paradise 02 in Chartreuse' is a unique glass sculpture created using hybrid hand-made glass techniques by the British artist, Amy Cushing.

Combining mouth blown glass with kiln formed glass, each piece within the collection displays a multiple of highly skilled glass processes, culminating in depth and vibrancy in each artwork.

Created as the artist’s antidote to lockdown and all things grey and restrictive, inspiration came from everything exotic, tropical and unreachable at the time - Jamaica, jungle flora, birds of paradise, sunlight on crystal clear water - it was vital that the saturated colour transported Cushing beyond the repetitive pandemic days, weeks and months that were filled by rules, restraints and statistics. 

Developed over a year long period, the palette was critical to Cushing, with many diverse firing tests needed to reach the perfect balance and contrast that was desired. The forms and construction were also immensely challenging, in the artist’s own words;

“I needed light to pass through and intensify the colours, with overlapping finials creating different compositions depending on each sculpture’s rotation”

Completely unique every time one is made, Paradise fulfils Cushing’s quest as an artist for an infinite combination of colour and abstract pattern formation. The hope being, that as each new collection comes to fruition, it will retain synergy with the former, whilst communicating something slightly different as the palettes evolve.

Paradise by Amy Cushing | Solo Exhibition

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Amy Cushing

Paradise 02 in Chartreuse