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Message in a Bottle




H 57 cm W 52 cm D 24 cm


Blown & sculpted glass with mixed media


£ 4500


'Message in a Bottle' is a unique sculpture by the British artist, Chris Day, created from handblown and sculpted glass, micro bore copper pipe, copper wire, steel rebar, chain and reclaimed limestone.

This artwork was created as part of the artist's solo exhibition in 2021 at Harewood House in Leeds, curated by Vessel director Angel Monzon.

This employs Day’s characteristic form of a blown glass bottle in a copper cage – this time, on its side. Metal chains bind it to a limestone plinth out of which steel rods protrude. These rods are known as rebar, and are used to reinforce concrete in the foundations of buildings. Day chose the rebar to allude to the fact that, historically, ‘slavery was the foundation of many people’s profits.’ The title also refers to the legendary use of bottles by shipwrecked sailors to send messages across the sea in the hope that someone might find them. In Day’s vision, these bottles were a ‘cry for help’. The irony is that slaves on the plantations would not have been able to send such messages, as they were not taught to read and write. The artwork is also in itself a visual ‘message’ to the viewer.

Chris Day is an emerging glass & mixed media artist and a recent graduate from Wolverhampton University, who received a special commendation during the 2019 British Glass Biennale held in Stourbridge, UK. Creating works that are highly personal, Day’s intention is to discuss and investigate the treatment of black people in Britain and the United States of America. Much of his research has focussed on the history of the slave trade in the Eighteenth Century. 

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Chris Day

Message in a Bottle