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Feather Platter II




H 6 cm W 53 cm D 53 cm


Fused Glass


£ 1950


'Feather Platter II' is a unique sculptural platter by the British artist, Amanda J Simmons.

Simmons exploits the heat of the kiln combined with gravity to manipulate and form her complex glass pieces. It is however her use of opaque glass powders in the initial stages, that create her unique surface textures and tonal palette.

After building up layers of the various pigmented powder on clear sheet glass, Simmons then draws on her desired patterns and marks. She pushes the fine particles to leave rows of tiny excavated ravines, resulting in repetitive and precisely designed minuscule landscapes. Firing melts the powders, softening and hardening the surface, revealing the layered and mixed colours used.

Further slump firings not only add three-dimensional form but pull and stretch the sheet glass, thinning the surface making it opaque and translucent. Final cold working processes such as grinding, cutting and engraving, reveal more of the hidden structure but also add further intricate decoration.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Amanda J Simmons

Feather Platter II