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Voir in Pink II




H 23.5 cm W 35 cm D 35 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass


£ 4500


‘Voir in Pink II’ is a unique sculpture by the Danish artist, Morten Klitgaard.

In the artist's own words:

"My work is driven by the urge to investigate and push the limits of glass as a material. I thrive to develop new ways of working with the surface, and discovering new techniques and methods that draw out unique qualities in the material is my biggest motivation.
My passion and deep respect for glass guides me through technical and creative processes, often leading me into extensive experiments. These tests and trials lead me in many directions giving my work a individual and more unconventional aesthetic. I draw on traditional, classic and static forms as references for the basis of my work, as they create contrast to the tactile, textured surfaces.

In my recent body of work I have been experimenting with removing the transparency of the medium by working with creating layers on the surface. Working in this way, I have developed a technique creating an almost glaze-like appearance, made of small bubbles that burst during the process giving the work an extremely porous surface.

As a part of my process I apply different oxides onto the surface during the last heating, turning it into a patina. This results in the surface looking aged, almost weatherbeaten or other organic materials. The patinated colors appearing are achieved by metal in the glass color. A reaction occurs and these metallic pigments give highlights, depth and pattern to each and every unique piece"

Morten Klitgaard

Voir in Pink II