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The Return of History




H 30 cm W 160 cm D 32 cm


Handblown and cut glass


£ 25000


'The Return of History' is a unique artwork by the American and Swiss artists, Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg. 

Free blown and carved glass with metal.

In the best sense of the word, not the current pejorative one, globalisation has been going on for thousands of years, from Greece to Rome, back to Crete, Phoenicia, across the Arabian sea to India, and on to China and back again, without even mentioning Polynesia. Archaeological research continues to push the story to unimagined places and unknown historical timelines.

In the artist’s own words;

“There is a wonderful story about journalism. A famous professor at New York’s Columbia Journalism School opened his freshman class seminar one sunny day in September and began laying out the programme for the year. The windows were open, and suddenly a young man jumped into the room through an open window, raced to the professor’s desk, scooped up all his papers and leapt back out the window. The professor stood up, pointed at the class, and said, ‘Write it down. Describe everything you saw. You have five minutes.’ At the end of the five minutes he had each student come up and read what she ad written. No two accounts were the same. Each student saw it through his own eyes. As we all do.”

Baldwin & Guggisberg

The Return of History