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Sabine Lintzen

Bright Field Montana Blue Light


Bright Field Montana Blue Light




H 27.5 cm W 23 cm D 23 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass


£ 6600


‘Bright Field Montana Blue Light’ is a unique sculptural glass vase by the German artist, Sabine Lintzen.

Originally an artist working in ceramics and creating sculptures, Lintzen transformed herself into a master of glass. Since 1991 Lintzen has worked predominantly with glass, developing historical making techniques, drawn from Italy, the Arabian world and Dutch culture. These techniques enabled her to translate old knowledge into new applications.

Every piece is hand crafted in the local studio’s of Limburg and Amsterdam. With a gifted team of glass blowers Lintzen forms the fluid material into solid shapes and structured patterns.

Sabine Lintzen

Bright Field Montana Blue Light