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Gyratory IV




H 76 cm W 47 cm D 47 cm


White St.Thomas clay


£ 9500


'Gyratory IV' is a unique ceramic sculptural vessel by the British artist, Jo Taylor.

In the artist's own words:

"Gyratory means moving in a circle or spiral, which relates to the shapes within the decorative additions and the 360° journey around of each work.

Created with the challenge of scaling up, this series enables a larger surface on which to create intricate ornamental compositions.

Throwing each section of the underlying structure was physically challenging; all of the elements were made in the home studio & transported at leather hard to Wiltshire Ceramics studio where they were assembled on a kiln shelf before loaded into their larger kiln. This process took weeks for each piece to be completed, before being fettled, slowly dried and loaded with extreme care.

Further drying was carried out in the kiln due to the damp weather and the chilly studio being an old dairy building on a farm. One work collapsed at the making stage; the learning curve was steep.

These works are made from White St Thomas clay, fired to a stoneware temperature in order to vitrify the clay & make it waterproof, whilst also catpturing a weatherworn stone-like appearance. They remain unglazed to allow a clear view of the intricacies of the decorative elements and the natural, neutral colour & surface of the clay. Post firing, these take on an architectural presence."

With grateful thanks for the support of Wiltshire Ceramics Studio & Oppenheim John Downes Trust.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Jo Taylor

Gyratory IV