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Sakura TFO24017




H 41 cm W 33 cm D 32 cm


Handblown & sculpted glass


£ 15900


'Sakura TFO24017' is a unique sculptural glass vase covered in an organic adornment of glass shards by the Dutch artist, Maarten Vrolijk.

The piece has been flame polished to soften the edges of all the external pieces. A stunning contrast of little and large, the inner monumental glass vessel is encased in a whirlwind of glass 'blossoms'.

Maarten Vrolijk is an Amsterdam-based artist and designer who considers it important to elaborate on the simple, unequivocal nature of a product or artwork and has been creating his works for over 25 years.

His aesthetic and ‘art language’ is particularly unusual because it consciously plays with shapes, colours and materials in an uncontrived way. He also believes his pieces should also make people’s everyday lives that bit more beautiful through the many little details that evoke the unexpected.

Maarten Vrolijk

Sakura TFO24017