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Layne Rowe

Woven Mandala in Blue Jade (No 4)



Woven Mandala in Blue Jade (No 4)




H 17 cm W 17 cm D 17 cm


Handblown and cut glass


£ 2450


'Woven Mandala in Blue Jade (No 4)' is a unique handblown, sculpted and cut glass sculpture by the British artist, Layne Rowe.

Rowe’s inspiration is drawn from the dramatic Devon coastline which informs his love for detail, a constant theme for his ever-evolving creations. The Woven series in particular is the result of intricate layers of varied coloured canes which are manipulated to follow and twist around the form of the piece, creating movement. These are then cold cut to reveal the vibrant colours hidden beneath the surface.

In his own words:

“The effect is like water over precious stones or the rock with its glimmering colours beneath reflecting natural growth and corrosion. I enjoy observing people’s reactions to my work, everything is up for interpretation, as my work is diverse, complex and sometimes subversive. It invites you to look again and again. My introduction to hot glass gave me an insatiable desire to explore this medium to its limits. I find glass an inspiration in itself but have found inspiration from the natural world and its issues”

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Layne Rowe

Woven Mandala in Blue Jade (No 4)