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Vessel Gallery Presents New Spring Arrivals

24th April 2015

Vessel Gallery Presents New Spring Arrivals
New artists showing at Vessel Gallery are Sabine Lintzen, Phillippa Martin and Lawrence West. The only common ground they share is that they all work in glass and they all like to work big. Their art works are highly varied and testament to our continued love affair with glass and its many guises.

We also have the pleasure of introducing a new material to the gallery. Vivienne Foley has moved her attention away from the ceramic and refocused on heavy metal - bronze!

Murrini Tube Field with red rings by Sabine Lintzen
Unique. 29cm height, £2900

Trinity plate in white by Phillippa Martin
Unique. 64cm height, £2850

Wishbone by Vivienne Foley
Limited edition of 3. 33cm long, £5000

Dribble Bowl by Lawrence West
Unique. 39cm wide, 39cm deep, 23cm height, £695