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Choi Keeryong

Korean Glass 25



Korean Glass 25




H 25 cm W 21 cm D 21 cm


Glass and porcelain


£ 4000


2015 Glass Biennale
The National Glass Centre’s Emerging Artist Residency Prize

In this collection, Keeryong has developed a process using the ancient Korean ‘Saggam’ pottery technique, which allows him to explore a state of ambiguity created for the viewer’s visual experience. Using delineating geometric patterns and counterfeit letters (meaningless Korean words) he combines his glass with found English teapots. Often discarded in charity shops and flea markets these are given a new lease of life when juxtaposed with the former material.

Tea is historically and culturally very rich for both the East and West and English manufactured porcelain teapots, once of huge popularity, are used as markers for this shared cultural stereotype. Keeryong’s final art works are uncanny and mysterious, combining the familiar with the ambiguous.

Choi Keeryong

Korean Glass 25