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This Too Shall Pass




H 146 cm W 70 cm D 3 cm




£ 4500


Wall hanging made from wool created on a digital loom. A recreation of an original drawing by the artist.
Woven by Belinda Rose.
In the artist's own words;
"My former career as a graphic designer and typographer has left me with a deep love of letters and text. During my time in the far north of Scotland at North Lands Creative I was drawn to evidence of the Neolithic past that can be seen all around there. My investigations into standing stones led me to the ancient script of Ogham, the written form of Primitive Irish and the earliest known form of Gaelic.
For this work I converted Latin characters to Ogham symbols, a process called transliteration. Ogham is usually written in a continuous line that runs from bottom to top and left to right but I drew each symbol in its own box in a way that mimics the letterpress process. It is difficult to explain the creative process behind this other than I wanted to create a design that contained and repeated my personal mantra. 
I always like to have my hand in a piece in some way so was delighted to find Belinda Rose who works with a digital loom. Belinda was able to recreate my mantra taking it directly from my hand drawn design"

Cathryn Shilling

This Too Shall Pass