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Tales of the Unexpected by Ludvig Löfgren | Solo Exhibition

6th April - 1st May 2011

Vessel is excited to present new works by Swedish glass star, Ludvig Löfgren for Kosta Boda. Löfgren trained as a glass blower before studying at the University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, an experience that gave him a valuable insight and understanding of glass production from both manufacturing and design perspectives.

Glass is precious, delicate and revered for its fragility. Löfgren draws his influences from the tattoo parlour, rock music and horror films creating a frisson from the unlikely marriage of his material and subject matter. He does so with an energy that is infectious. Solid crystal skulls, tattooed vases, glass gorillas and sinister pastel bunnies all lovingly immortalised in the highest quality hand blown crystal. The conflict between the ‘hands off’ nature of glass and Ludvig’s rock culture references blow away the cobwebs from our expectations of this versatile material.

It is a forward thinking move for a brand as established as Kosta Boda to commit to this vibrant and youthful designer. Within his deathly and macabre imagery there is a joyous and rousing feeling to his work which reminds us of the thrill off a really great gig or being sucked into the menacing world of a 1950’s B movie.