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Anthony Scala

Erratic A with 23ct Red Gold



Erratic A with 23ct Red Gold




H 13 cm W 16 cm D 16 cm


Handblown and cut glass with gold leaf


£ 1975


'Erratic A with 23ct Red Gold' is a handblown and cut glass sculpture created by the British artist, Anthony Scala.

The geological term 'erratic' refers to a stone or boulder that differs to its surrounding rock, that is believed to have been displaced and deposited by glacier movement. Differing from his Auri collection, Scala's aim was to produce a series of sculptures that are freer, amorphous and suggestive of movement. Striking in the singular, these really capture this concept en masse. 

With a career in glass now spanning over 20 years, Scala creates artworks that can only be described as acts of precision. As equally beautiful as they are meticulously created and despite being a hugely skilled glassblower, it is with cold working that Scala excels.

The artist can also create pieces to commission, please contact the gallery for further information.

Anthony Scala

Erratic A with 23ct Red Gold