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FT Superior Interiors Vessel Gallery Selection

26th April 2017

FT Superior Interiors Vessel Gallery Selection
Innovational glassmakers are experimenting with ground-breaking techniques to create pieces that are captivating and very collectable.

The emotional impact of glass can transform a space, painting it with light and sensuality while adding a poetic artistry to home wares and lighting. "Working with glass can be unpredictable" says Angel Monzon, founder and director of Vessel, a leading London contemporary glass gallery. "It can collapse or crack before your eyes and you never really know how it will turn out - the results can be completely thrilling or a complete disaster”

Talent, tenacity and dedication: they are the hallmarks of a new generation of independent glassmakers who, as Angel Monzon notes, "are creating exciting, mesmerising and unique works, taking glass way beyond the traditional vessel form"

Words by Nicole Swengley, FT How to Spend It, Superior Interiors April 2017

The following artists from the Vessel Gallery 'family' were featured:

Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg
Challenging preconceptions comes naturally to glass artists Baldwin and Guggisberg

Amphores Royale

Hokanson Dix
"Vibrant palettes reminiscent of the abstract paintings of Howard Hodgkin and Mark Rothko inspires their work"

Sails Vase in Black

Lise Gonthier
"Gonthier goes further in treating glass as a pictorial medium"

Perdition d'Automne

Bruce Marks
"The sculptor Brancusi is the inspiration for Bruce Marks: 'I love Brancusi's work - how he simplified everything, distilled it, retaining the very essence of the subject'"

Fish in Black

Laura Birdsall
"Nature's tiniest details, such as a seed pod or fish's fin, often provide a starting inspiration"

Fin Bowl in grey

James Lethbridge
"My sources of inspiration could be twisting vines, pollen or air movement. A fascination with the natural world lends power to the making"

Anima Chandelier

Graham Muir
"The force of nature is dramatically captured in glass by Graham Muir. 'I wanted to capture the excitement of a wave at its most dynamic, just before it breaks'"

Teal Sea Dawn Wave