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James Lethbridge

1979, United Kingdom

After initially following a career choice in production ceramics in 1998 and gaining an in-depth knowledge of ceramic processes, Lethbridge was lured in 2003 to study glass. This was to be a life-changing moment as this new medium soon become his material of choice. Enthralled by the transparency and liquid nature of molten glass, repetitive throwing made way for a more experimental making process. In 2005 Lethbridge applied to the Royal College of Art where he expanded his range of glass skills as well as greatly increasing his body of work, both aiding his confidence and belief in his chosen practice.

Since graduating, Lethbridge has developed a reputation for his unique artworks, creating one-off sculptural and lighting pieces. With an inventive approach to glass making, Lethbridge’s pieces are instantly recognisable and highly desired. His glass pieces often incorporate a multitude of glass thorns, shards and tendrils. The act of repetitious making has stayed a constant for Lethbridge but now with entirely different end results.

With many of his works, Lethbridge uses antique jars, each with their unique characteristics, which he envelopes with his signature glass adornments.

The sources of inspiration in his own words;

“Through the study of botanical sources of inspiration, my work exists as pieces of collected, abstracted, surreal and almost alien pieces of sculptural glass. Derived from many different points of reference, such as twisting vines and microscopic pollen, I explore form, space, material and texture, using only the purity and fluidity of hot transparent glass and light. Through my work I attempt to communicate my feelings towards the material adding a flourish of organic surrealism.”

Artist portrait courtesy of the artist.