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Elliot Walker | Blown Away Series II Winner | Retrospective & Showcase

3rd February 2021

Elliot Walker | Blown Away Series II Winner | Retrospective & Showcase
Summer 1012 marks a decade since a young but clearly confident Elliot Walker approached Vessel Gallery. Poignantly the year to host the Olympics, all eyes were focussed on the creative and cultural hub that is London. With much excitement in the air, it felt a year that for many reasons, would not be forgotten.

From that initial meeting, it was obvious great things were meant for this artist and having most recently & notably won the 2nd series of the Netflix programme Blown Away, being named "The Best in Glass” for 2021 - a career-defining moment, where Walker captivated with his sharp focus, wry humour, expansive imagination and relentless dedication throughout, making him the clear winner from the start - it feels the perfect time to reflect on what has been an astonishing and meteoric rise for this unrivalled talent.

Initially graduating in psychology from Bangor University, a daring decision saw Walker decide to instead, pursue his creative interests, having fallen for the allure of glass in 2008 due to an introduction to the hot-shop by fellow artist, Tim Boswell. No stranger to the material, Walker was already adept at working with stained glass, albeit, the colder cousin.

It was with Boswell, that ‘Bandits of Glass’ also came to fruition. A maverick and highly kinetic demonstration group, where no end product was created, convention gave way to performance and the pitfalls & challenges of glass sculpting were exploited to dramatic effect. An ideal opportunity for Walker to explore his ideas and concepts with utter freedom. 

Gaining a Masters Degree in Applied Arts from Wolverhampton University, Walker was awarded the Frederic Stuart Memorial Fund by the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers, seriously establishing his glass career. Alongside his own developing work, Walker began assisting in the best glass blowing studios within the UK, gaining invaluable insight, experience and expanding his making knowledge, whilst also carving a name for himself in his own right.

To come back to the present, Walker is now one of the UK’s finest glass artists and one of the most active and inspiring glass blowers of his generation. As a psychology graduate, Walker approaches his making from many unorthodox directions, it is this ability to defy convention, to purposefully twist the viewer's perception, that has made his works so truly unique, instantly recognisable and highly sought after. In many ways his initial studies have remained a constant and continue to inform his artworks; each being aesthetically sensitive, crafted with exceptional skill and brought to life with a novelist’s ability for storytelling.

Angel Monzon
Vessel Gallery Director

Further artworks for sale

The artist can also create to commission, please contact the gallery for more information and for details of all pieces that are currently available to purchase


2021 | Wins Series 2 Blown Away
The career-defining moment, named "The Best in Glass” for 2021.

• 2020 | Collect 2020 
Surf and Turf are unveiled by Vessel Gallery at Collect - The International Art Fair for Contemporary Craft and Design - the largest and most ambitious still life artworks created by Walker. Instantly becoming a must-see, with Surf selling on the 1st day to a private collector for £24'000.

• 2020 | Still Life Film
A fascinating insight into the artist's 'Still Life' artworks whilst working in lockdown during 2020.

• 2018 | Collect 2018
Crafts Council sponsored spotlight showcase and booth talk, curated and hosted by Vessel Gallery

• 2017 | Half-Life Solo Exhibition
Half-life was the artist's second solo exhibition at Vessel Gallery. Culminating with a record purchase for sculpture since the gallery's opening in 1999, heralding the artist's first serious sale. It was also the first and possibly last time, that the entire gallery was painted black, creating a truly immersive experience. Filled with uranium glass artworks, visitors were invited to explore and experience each piece using UV torches, making each sculpture glow. Whilst a banquet table laden with sumptuous foods, allowed collectors to create their own 'Still Life', a one-off invitation, never to be repeated.

• 2017 | Half-Life - A film by Mathieu Bertin
To accompany Walker's 2nd solo show at Vessel Gallery and very much an artwork in its own, Half-life is a window to another world.   

2017 | Tresor 2017
A city known for its unrivalled art fairs, Vessel Gallery introduces Walker to an international audience at the Tresor Contemporary Craft Fair 2017, held at the Messe Basel in Switzerland.

• 2015 | Still Life Solo Exhibition
Forming the gallery's Summer Showcase, this was Walker's inaugural solo show introducing his now iconic Still Life creations.

• 2015 | British Glass Biennale | Craft & Design Magazine Award
Award presented by editor Angie Boyer, providing a year’s worth of media coverage and support, worth £3,000 including the magazine front cover. 

Surf presented by Vessel Gallery at Collect 2020

Collect 2020

Turf presented by Vessel Gallery at Collect 2020

Collect 2018 Spotlight showcase and booth talk, hosted and arranged by Vessel Gallery

Half-Life Solo Exhibition

Half-Life A film by Mathieu Bertin

Banquet Feature from Half-Life exhibition

Still Life A Film by Elliot Walker

Still Life Solo Exhibition

A selection of current artworks available for sale;

Irradiant Bloom III | Unique | H 80 cm W 54 cm D 9 cm | £9500

Surf - Still Life with Crab | Unique | H 61 cm W 38 cm D 41 cm | £11250

Turf - Harvest | Unique | H 40 cm W 60 cm D 34 cm | £8570

Surf - Still Life with Fish | Unique | H 43 cm W 24 cm D 20 cm | £8130

Surf - Still Life with Shrimp | Unique | H 42 cm W 22 cm D 18 cm | £3570

AnanasMusaPrunus | Unique | H 73 cm W 30 cm D 30 cm | £5000

Perfect Bounty | Unique | H 43 cm W 42 cm D 36 cm | £6000

Better Off Dead | Unique | H 40 cm W 64 cm D 27 cm | £7900

Delusione with Flake in Gold & Raspberry created in collaboration with Bethany Wood | Unique | H 27 cm W 25 cm D 25 cm | £3000