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Tresor 2017 at the Messe Basel in Switzerland | Group exhibition

21st September - 24th September 2017

Launching this year at the Messe Basel in Switzerland, TRESOR provides a global platform for galleries and institutions that specialise in contemporary craft and applied art. Artists at TRESOR present concepts for the future through unique objects and installations made with highly refined craft skills – in some instances routed in expertise developed through thousands of years.

TRESOR is a melting pot of new ideas, material knowledge, techniques and experimentation and the showcase where contemporary artists present the objects of our time. The Contemporary Craft Movement encompasses traditional materials such as wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textiles as well as new material combinations and wearable Art Jewellery. In addition to core exhibitors TRESOR also highlights private collections, collaborates on special projects with internationally renowned Art and Design schools, showcases museums and shines a light on traditional craft techniques through Living Craft Tradition.

TRESOR is the meeting place for the professional, the collector and the enthusiast, where contemporary works of art of the highest quality and the stories behind them can be experienced, discussed and collected.

Vessel Gallery Presents:

Backhaus & Brown and Egevaerk
Baldwin and Guggisberg
Cathryn Shilling
Elliot Walker
Enemark & Thompson
Heather Gillespie
James Devereux
James Lethbridge
Laura Hart
Lena Bergström
Louis Thompson
Maarten Vrolijk
Paul Stopler
Sabine Lintzen
Vanessa Hogge
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