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Vanessa Hogge

1963, Kenya

Working in black stoneware and porcelain, Hogge crafts her one-off art works in her studio in East London. Grounded by years of expertise in ceramics, she takes an instinctive, visceral approach to each piece, painstakingly sculpting every petal and anther by hand so that no two flowers are identical. Her creations are organic and ornate, stylised and purposeful but with an element of spontaneity.

The pieces are fired at high temperatures transforming the porcelain in to ossified shades of white, whilst the black stoneware creates velvety dark counterparts. Striking as singular statement pieces, these can also be grouped to create still lives and wall installations. Where the porcelain brings subtlety the stoneware brings drama.

Inspired by her passion for all things botanical, and influences as diverse as Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe and Marianne North, Hogge breathes life into her clay in the form of dahlias, chrysanthemums, agapanthus, daisies, agaves and roses, and she will happily try her hand at any flower.

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Wall Flower Collection

Artist portrait by Alun Callender.