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New Scandinavian Glass | Group exhibition

8th November - 22nd December 2018

Historically a hub for glass production throughout the 20th Century, Scandinavia has changed dramatically in recent years. With production costs at an all time high, much glassmaking has migrated to Countries that can carry the burgeoning costs more easily.

New Scandinavian Glass will focus on a revived approach that makers & artists are taking, to create unique and unexpected works of art that are executed with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Featuring a selection of 25 new and established artists, this will be the largest presentation to date of contemporary Scandinavian glass to be shown in the UK.

Vessel Gallery Presents:
Ann Wåhlström
Backhaus & Brown and Egeværk
Beate Einen
Bjørn Friborg
Carl Cyrén
Fredrik Nielsen
Gunnel Sahlin
Hanne Enemark
Helmi Remes
Ida Wieth-Knudsen
Johannes Rantasalo
Lena Bergström
Lene Charlotte Tangen
Ludvig Löfgren
Kari Mølstad
Karin Mørch
Kirsten Storesund
Maria Bang Espersen
Mårten Medbo
Micha Karlslund
Morten Klitgaard
Noam Dover
Peter Hermansson
Sara Lundquist
Simon Klenell
Stine Bidstrup
Trine Drivsholm
Vidar Koksvik
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