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Tresor Contemporary Craft 2017

Tresor Contemporary Craft 2017
Vessel Gallery will be showing at the first TRESOR Contemporary Craft in Basel. A new show that brings together galleries specialising in applied arts from all over the globe. Showcasing exciting trends and innovations in 21st century craft from a wide range of disciplines in which art, architecture and design converge. An event not to be missed.

Exhibition dates 21st September - 24th September 2017

Exhibition artworks

Vessel Gallery Presents;

Backhaus & Brown and Egevaerk (glass, wood) 
Baldwin and Guggisberg (glass)
Cathryn Shilling (glass)
Elliot Walker (glass)
Enemark & Thompson (glass)
Heather Gillespie (glass, ligthing)
James Devereux (glass)
James Lethbridge (glass)
Laura Hart (glass)
Lena Bergström (glass)
Louis Thompson (glass)
Maarten Vrolijk  (glass)
Paul Stopler (glass)
Sabine Lintzen (glass)
Vanessa Hogge (ceramics)