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Ebb & Flow by Louis Thompson | Solo Exhibition

21st June - 20th August 2022

The monumental and majestic cathedrals of glass at Canary Wharf pierce the skyline of London with their gleaming facades; dazzling glass structures architecturally dividing light and space. What better place to celebrate the United Nations ‘Year of Glass 2022’ than to showcase one of London’s most exciting, multi-award-winning glass artists, Louis Thompson, in the spectacular lobby of One Canada Square.

Louis exploits the inherent properties of glass using diverse methods of making which include blown and solid sculpted glass. The installations range from flamboyantly colourful, tactile, and organic installations where forms precede and are followed by accumulations and gatherings, while other displays are cogent, offering an impactful architectural aesthetic and narrative statement. His work is not only commanding and enchanting, but also powerfully conceptual. Every artwork tells a story.

Unveiling thirteen breathtaking installations that explore Thompson's three decades of glass making, Ebb & Flow is the largest UK solo exhibition of contemporary art glass, that has been curated by Jacquiline Creswell and presented by Vessel Gallery.

The exhibition is open daily 10am - 8pm | Lobby of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5AB

Curation Jacquiline Creswell | @visualartsadvisor

Exhibition photography Agata Pec and Sean Pollock - the latter courtesy of the Canary Wharf Group

Ebb & Flow | A film by Louis Thompson
Exhibition Catalogue