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Celebration at The Dorchester

9th December 2013

Celebration at The Dorchester
In honour of the SBID international Awards Ceremony 2013 at The Dorchester Hotel, art glass specialists Vessel Gallery, have been asked to curate an exclusive exhibition of exquisite centre pieces.

All artworks have been created by hand for the occasion, in an exemplary array of glass techniques by some of the best studio artists and designers currently working within the UK. Their collective achievements bring together one of the largest independent glass displays shown this year. The criteria for all those invited to participate, was essentially to have a British connection. Either having trained in the UK or currently living here, ultimately Vessel Gallery’s objective is to shine a spot light on the unprecedented technical expertise, design and innovation in contemporary glass making, from the very best of Britain’s talents, producing master pieces that are collected worldwide.

Vessel Gallery are very proud to collaborate with SBID and curate this highly anticipated series of masterpieces for the most prestigious event in the Design Industry’s calendar, right here in the heart of London, the creative capital of the world. Following this exclusive launch all pieces will be exhibited at Vessel Gallery until the 31st December 2013.

1 Imago – unique, 48cm high. By Hanne Enemark £2750
2 Glass v Metal – unique, 52-59cm high. By Liam Reeves £1450 each
3 Flora – unique, 34cm high. By Amy Hughes £1850
4 OverNight – unique, 32-60cm high. By Odd Matter £3000 group of 3
5 Ballroom Vase – unique, 41cm high. By Laura Birdsall £1500
6 Pansy Orchid on stand – unique, 42cm high. By Laura Hart £1800
7 Cameo Dorchester – unique, 18-52cm high. By Sarah Wiberley £500 – £1250 each
8 Woven Chalice – unique, 43cm diameter. By Cathryn Shilling £2500
9 Dancers – unique, 20cm high. By Rowan van der Holt £2500
10 Amber Homage – Unique, 54cm high. By Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg £9900
11 Thebesian – unique, 50cm high. By Louis Thompson & Hanne Enemark £1500
12 Bottles – production, 32cm high. By Katy Holford for Cumbria Crystal £235 each
13 Constellation – unique, 76cm high. By Louis Thompson £2250
14 Lotus – unique, 65cm high. By Amanda Brisbane £2400
15 Midas Jar – unique, 60cm high. By James Lethbridge £2000
16 Shimmer vases, unique, height 27-50cm. By Heather Gillespie £1550 each
17 Flame Vase – unique, 48cm high. By Nigel Coates £3900
18 Balustrade vases – unique, 75-95cm high. By Simon Moore £990 each
19 Silver Linings – unique, 60cm high. By Brodie Nairn £3900
20 Minarets – all unique, 30-60cm height. By Kacper Hamilton & Ezgi Turksoy £950 each
21 Tribal Conversation – unique group, 35-45cm high. By Nicky Burns £2750 group of 4