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Collect 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery

Collect 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery
For this year’s Collect, Vessel Celebrates 20 years since opening its doors in Notting Hill. To mark the last two decades, 20 of the gallery’s best artists will be showcased who excel in their chosen medium. Collectively pushing the boundaries, each artist with their unique aesthetics, have only one thing in common, a daring drive and passion to challenge their chosen materials in innovative ways, taking them to new limits.

Exhibition Artworks

Vessel Gallery Presents:

Amy Hughes (ceramics) 
Backhaus & Brown and Egevaerk (glass, wood)
Cathryn Shilling (glass) 
Claire Malet (metal)
Elliot Walker (glass) 
Enemark & Thompson (glass)
Fredrik Nielsen (glass) 
Hanne Enemark (glass) 
James Devereux (glass) 
Karin Mørch (glass) 
Katherine Huskie (glass) 
Laura Hart (glass)
Lena Bergstrom (glass) 
Lene Tangen (glass) 
Liam Reeves (glass)
Maarten Vrolijk (glass) 
Morrison Thomas (wood) 
Olivia Walker (ceramics) 
Sabine Lintzen (glass) 
Vanessa Hogge (ceramics)