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Vessel Vignettes

11th June 2024

Vessel Vignettes
Vessel Vignettes
Still life | Compostions | Inspiration | Concepts | Source book 

Featured artists Michèle OberdieckVic Bamforth and Maarten Vrolijk

Featured artists Maria Bang EspersenNicholas Arroyave-Portela and Peter Bowles

Featured artists Emma BakerSamantha Donaldson and Enemark & Thompson

Featured artists Cathryn ShillingMonette LarsenAmy CushingMaarten Vrolijk and Lena Bergström

Featured artists Enemark & Thompson

Featured artist Lena Bergström

Featured artist Michèle Oberdieck

Featured artists Maria Bang EspersenSteven Edwards and Vivienne Foley

Featured artist Liam Reeves

Featured artist Michèle Oberdieck

Featured artist Vivienne Foley

Featured artists Nina Casson McGarvaVivienne Foley and Morten Klitgaard

Featured artist Maarten Vrolijk

Featured artist Bethany Wood

Featured artist Amy Cushing

Featured artists Enemark & ThompsonAmy Cushing and Steven Edwards

Featured artists Baldwin & Guggisberg

Featured artist Michèle Oberdieck

Featured artist Morten Klitgaard

Featured artists Nicholas Arroyave-Portela​​​​​​​EgeværkVivienne Foley and Claire Malet

Featured artist Gunnel Sahlin

Featured artist Nicholas Arroyave-Portela

Featured artist Jo Taylor

Featured artist Steven Edwards

Featured artists Enemark & Thompson

Featured artist Vivienne Foley

Featured artist Lena Bergström

Featured artist Amanda J Simmons

Featured artist Sarah Wiberley

Featured artist Vanessa Hogge

Featured artist Sabine Lintzen

Featured artist Jo Taylor

Featured artist Louis Thompson

Featured artist Vanessa Hogge

Featured artists James Lethbridge

Featured artists Olivia Walker